How Office Furniture is Accommodating the New Workplace

How Office Furniture is Accommodating the New Workplace

The office and how we work has changed drastically over the years. Workers have seen emphasis on efficiency and productivity continue. However, alongside the main focus on business, worker health, wellness, and happiness have increasingly become important issues.

Here are some ways the office has changed in many big ways and continues to evolve.

Technology Changes in Offices

In the past, workers used to be tied to their desks to complete tasks. Today, the office is more mobile than ever, and technology has made great strides to make it easier for workers to work on the go and have more flexible availability. Between teleconferencing, chat technology, and call forwarding to mobile devices, workers can do more with less.

In addition to technology changes, custom office furniture has made it easier for work to get done anywhere. Plug-and-play workstations are often trendy in offices where space is limited and workers use their own technology or shared spaces to be productive. Additionally, conference and meeting rooms use more technology, with tables including built-in outlets to encourage technology usage even in face-to-face meetings.

The Collaborative (and Quiet) Office

Technology and demands of work often means the workplace requires a team of people to complete tasks. The new office has made this more important than ever. Since many businesses have locations around the country, communication about projects means having meeting spaces that on-site and virtual employees can use to discuss problem-solving solutions.

While companies can place more value on collaboration and team members working together, sometimes, it’s important to get away and work independently. Reconfiguring your office to accommodate quiet thinking and working can be a boon for productivity and encourage creative thinking.

Workplace Health & Wellness

The new office has also seen an increase in the importance of employee well-being. It not only affects productivity, but insurance costs the company might incur if employees aren’t healthy. Many businesses have health programs that encourage physical activity, but custom office furniture can also encourage better posture and reduce repetitive stress injuries.

In some offices, sit to stand adjustable desks are becoming a trend many workers have embraced. The sit to stand desk encourages more movement and improves employee focus. Taking steps towards making your office more health conscious can reap many rewards outside of increased efficiency and improved performance.

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