How to Create a Welcoming Reception Area

How to Create a Welcoming Reception Area

Your office reception area is often the first impression your guests receive when visiting your location. It’s important to have an area in your business where guests can wait.

Although it might seem like an afterthought, a reception area is a must-have space your business needs and should be a high priority if you want to be recognizable and stand out from your competitors. Read below for some tips to creating a reception area that is welcoming, inviting, and keeps guests comfortable.

Attractive Lighting

No one wants to go to into a dimly lit office. Use lighting options that bring bright light to your space. You can also choose a space with many windows to bring in natural light to your reception area.

Company Style and Colors

From the moment your guests arrive, they begin to build their opinion about your business. Give them something to talk about with colors and logos in your reception area that reflect your style and colors.

If your brand includes warm colors, for example, choose office furniture with complementary hues. Apply the colors to your walls as well to tell your business’ story without saying a word.

Open Space

Sitting in an uncomfortable, cramped space is not fun for anyone, especially your guests waiting to go into meetings. Make sure your reception area keeps guests from feeling claustrophobic. A good tip is to sit in your reception area yourself to judge whether or not you would feel welcomed if you were waiting to meet with someone in a similar space.

Comfortable Seating

Although you are unlikely to keep your guests waiting long, it’s important to make sure your seating options are comfortable and in good condition. Your reception area says a lot about your business, and that includes how cozy your reception area is, from the colors on the walls to the chairs they sit in during their visit.

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