Project Highlight: GadellNet

Project Highlight: GadellNet

The NSBI team had the opportunity to work with UIC Architects on the GadellNet project. GadellNet was moving to a new office to accommodate their growing business and needed various workspaces to support their employees.


Teknion Interpret Desking with Frosted Glass End Gable Overlay Panel (benching)

Workstations 2

Teknion Interpret Desking with Shared Peninsula Top


SitOnIt Seating Wit Task Chair

Panel Workstations

Panel Systems: Teknion Leverage

5 Questions with GadellNet President & Chief Technology Officer, Joe Gadell

Q: What was the biggest change your office needed? Why?
A: “We needed all new furniture for our new office build-out. An open and collaborative feel with an appropriate amount of privacy for each role were the primary reasons we selected the systems that we did from NewSpace.”

Q: What is the most important thing your employees look for in a work environment?
A: “A comfortable space that allows them to get their work done.”

Q: What is your favorite product or update about your latest project?
A: “I think the benching system we selected for our Application Development team is the team favorite – they really like the layout and functionality.”

Q: If you could give any business looking to make changes to their office advice, what would you tell them?
A: “Seek feedback from your employees for what works best for them.”

Q: How do you picture the layout/design of your office in the next 5-10 years?
A: “We will need to increase density in some areas while maintaining an open feel and function.”