Return to Work with Better Space Division

As companies begin to return to normal business during COVID-19, employee well-being is top of mind. In order to keep employees socially distanced, your workspace design may need adjustments. NewSpace Business Interiors can assist you in making modifications to your workplace and creating an environment that is productive and safe for all.

Our workplace configurations encourage social distancing within the design — they create division between stations and provide a comfortable enclosure. Our space solutions allow for effective communication while still giving employers and employees peace of mind. They are perfect for group workspaces, reception, and common areas throughout the workplace.

We offer various workplace solutions that include:

  • Protective screens for reception desks and high traffic areas
  • Desks/workstations that utilize multiple height screens and panels for division
  • Height-adjustable desks with added screens for protection
  • Socially distanced re-alignment of workspaces and private offices

Workspace Design & Installation

Design options are offered in a range of stylish materials and finishes, and our design team can help you every step of the way. We will work to create the right space that fits your business’ needs, no matter what size your company is. After your customized solution is created, our expert team can precisely install it in your workplace in no time!

Socially Distanced Workplace Solutions

NewSpace Business Interiors offers quick and affordable space modifications, so you can get back to work knowing that your new space is designed to help protect your health. Let us help make social distancing in your business easier. Contact us today for a complimentary design and plan!